Aikido Kenkyukai International

How to get started

Download the membership package, fill out and submit page 2-8. You will be required to make a deposit to yearly membership fees at the first class. The amount is dependant on the individual dojo but is usually $20-$30.

It is necessary to observe one class, so you become aware of the nature of the practise and its' potential risks. If you already have aikido experience elsewhere you are welcome to join though we still recommend you observe some of a class as there are many styles and methods of practise.
By doing this you avoid disappointment or frustration through expectation, and minimise disruption to those who choose to practise this way. If you are simply an aikidoka visiting Sydney and wish to practise with us then please call Steve 0414 376912 or show up 15mins prior to class time to introduce yourself.

Bring suitable clothing and start!

For questions or enquiries please email us